WordPress vs Website Builders – Which to Choose?


Many people want to start their own blog. Some of them want to a website for their business. But they have to create a website, there are numerous options available to them. They can either go for a WordPress website or use a website builder. It can be quite tricky what to use when one has to build a website.

In order to help you, we have written this article to help you choose.

Why use WordPress?

People generally ask about WordPress whether it is better than any website builder. Well, it depends on the requirements of theirs.

WordPress is a free platform which was originally developed to enable people to easily create their own blogs. Over the years, it has gained huge popularity and has become one the most used platform all across the globe. WordPress morphed into a CMS or content management system for any kind of website. A lot of programmers write plug-ins or apps in order to add features to WordPress, such as shopping carts, SEO tools, carousel photo galleries etc. There are various themes or designer skins which allow the people to change the look and appearance of their website within few seconds. Editing pages is quite easy and can be done with simple styling buttons. Adding photos, videos, changing the font type and colour etc. are some of its salient features. Lets look at some of the benefits of WordPress.

  1. First of all, it is free to install as well as upgrade. There are thousands of templates and theme which power a simple and flexible interface that reduces the deployment time as well as development costs which make it an ideal website creator.
  2. It is the most famous CMS in the entire world. It currently accounts over a quarter of websites all over the internet. Most of the users are familiar with WordPress CMS which requires less training of the staff when it is about developing a new website.
  3. WordPress is also open source. It can be self-hosted, so there is no costs which are associated with installing, downloading as well as upgrading. There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins.
  4. WordPress is highly customizable and provides great flexibility. It meets the demands of the users who are looking for a flexible framework. This allows the developers and designers to create as well as modify layouts and applications.
  5. WordPress was developed for non-technical bloggers. So, most of its UI or user interface elements are quite easy to use, and there are recorder and written manuals for people to easily learn how to utilize WordPress functions.
  6. WordPress incur lower maintenance costs, customization and fewer setup website maker in comparison to other open-source CMS like Joomla or Drupal.

However, there are few downsides to WordPress. It requires some knowledge of HTML in case you wish to make certain changes or things on the page to look accurate and good. Most of the clients who are trained in WordPress often get frustrated with the alignments of images or tables on the page. They also require help when it comes to coding to make the page look for coherent and organized. WordPress is not so user-friendly for the people who have a certain sense of style and dont have the programming skills in order to support it.

Also, WordPress is not suitable for e-commerce as it was created as a blog management system. The shopping cart plug-ins were added later which dont have all the advanced functions that systems such as Shopify offer such as returns, track shipments, automated email correspondence with the customers, coupon options etc. You have to pay separately for the plugins along with SSL certificate and a PCI compliant hosting account in order to let the users shop on your website. Another downside is that most of the WordPress templates dont look alluring on mobile devices except for new responsive themes which automatically get adjusted in size and amount of content on the pages in order to match the screen size.

When and who should use WordPress?

People or businesses who require complex sites which require too many changes, tweaking as well as bending, WordPress is a viable website creator, but it requires on to have the knowledge to build the site from the start and also rely on JavaScript and other back-end programming languages such as PHP. It is best suited for new bloggers, who want free CMS to start their blog. It is also suitable for small businesses who have a limited budget and dont want to spend much on their websites.

Why use Website builders?

Website builders are programs which enable any person to make a website without having any knowledge of HTML. It offers simplified experience to the website owners. Users dont need any programming language knowledge to pick a template and adjust it according to their taste. Many themes are custom built for specific industries such as if you own a restaurant then you will likely find a template that looks like a well-made and established website and doesnt require too many adjustments. Along with this, some of the website builders allow you to simply drag and drop items so that you can control the image placement, textbox and video placement on the pages and also make sure that the elements are perfectly aligned as you want them to be. Also, you dont need to pay for web hosting when you start a website as most of the hosting services offer website builders of their own.

Another feature of using these WYSIWYG editors is that it is quite easier to maintain the website. In case you wish to upload a new page or any text, it is quite simple as well as fast as there is no requirement of writing code. You just need to enter the content in the specified area which is quite similar to any text editor like Word. You can also use the website editor in order to change the colours as well as overall design elements in order to give your website a makeover in case you wish to. It also allows you to revert to the previous or original design in case you are not satisfied with the new design.

When and who should use Website builders?

Website builders should be used when one doesnt have any technical knowledge of website building. It should also be used when there is a requirement of making frequent changes to the website.

In case you are a hobbyist and wants to share your passion on the web, then you dont have to hire a professional web designer. It is also suitable for bloggers too unless you have a mature blog with quite an established audience. WordPress might seem like a better option for beginners, but website builders offer more options without any requirement of technical aspects. Website builders are also suitable for e-commerce stores as they have customized functions and features to start your own store. So, anyone who wishes to start his own online store should go for website builders. Startup and new businesses should also try affordable website builder. In case you have to prove the concept then it is better to just get your idea out to find if there is a market for it.


For most people who wish to start a new website, website builders are a better choice. In case you want to have more sophisticated feature and functions then you can go for WordPress which has a plethora of plugins. Also, website builders dont require any technical knowledge while WordPress does require some knowledge of HTML. In case you have the budget to invest in your website, then you can go for website builders as there are many affordable ones available on the market.

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