What Is Affiliate Marketing? Everything About Affiliate Marketing?

afiliate marketing
afiliate marketing

Earning good money is what most teenagers and adults dream of. There are so many ways from which you can earn good money. But this pandemic had stopped the world. Most peoples have lost their jobs. They don’t even know what to do next. And so many don’t even have good skills from which they can earn money. So today we have got you a skill which doesn’t require so much knowledge to start. That skill is affiliate marketing. But first, let’s discuss what is affiliate marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of earning money, by which anyone can earn money by selling the products of other companies or business and can get a commission. Just select the product according to your knowledge, the commission they are giving, and then promote them to people that might be interested in buying them. You will earn a commission on every sale you made. Your sale will be tracked by from affiliate link, the affiliate network has provided.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

As we have seen that what is it, Now let’s discuss how it works. According to Wikipedia, there are 4 parties that are in this program. The four are responsible for successful affiliate marketing. They are:-

The merchant:-

The merchant, or creator, or owner, the company, or the vendor who owns or creates the product and wants to sell their products are called the merchant. They can be big companies or small businesses that want their product to get sold. As a merchant, their only work is to publish the products on websites and pay commission. Other than that, they don’t do anything

The Network:-

The network serves as a middleman for the merchant and the one who sells their products. It is a marketplace where merchant publishes their products and affiliates start promoting them and earn money. Networks are optional because an affiliate can directly contact the merchant. But at the start, you should go with a network.

The Affiliates:-

Affiliates are the main part of this system. That’s why affiliate marketing is named after them. They take the products from network or merchant and sell them by using social media, websites, and YouTube.

Their Job is:-

  • Finding products and then promote them.
  • Find real customers.
  • Create ads to promote fast.
  • Optimize till it becomes profitable.

The Consumer:-

Without them, this process can never become completed. They purchase the product from the affiliate from search engines or social media. Without them, merchants not gonna earn a profit, and affiliates not gonna earn a commission. Sometimes affiliates make their customer know, that they are part of affiliate programs and sometimes they don’t know that they are.

The Whole process goes like this:-

A merchant uploads their product with all details on the network. Then the affiliates come to the network’s website, select products, and start promoting them. Then, when customers see the product and purchase it, the affiliate and network get a commission from the merchant. And the merchant gets the profit.

Benefits of doing Affiliate Marketing:-

After knowing what is affiliate marketing and how it works. Now let’s see what are the benefits of doing affiliate marketing. There are so many benefits of doing affiliate marketing. Some of them are as follows:-

Help You Earn Passive Income:-

Most of the jobs require you to work regularly but not in doing affiliate marketing. You can earn while you sleep by doing affiliate marketing. By investing enough time while creating your campaign, you can rest and can see a continuous return as the customer purchase the product. You will receive money for a long time. Your Marketing skills will pay you long.

Free from customer:-

Like a small business and a big company, you don’t have to deal with your customer. You are just an affiliate who is promoting products. After making sell you are free. If the customer has complain they directly have to contact the company. You will receive your commission even if the customer has a complaint.

Work From Home:-

This is what a person who didn’t lose his/her job done in this pandemic. And if you like it, you can do this by doing affiliate marketing. And if even you are someone who hates going out from home you can do. Or if you are a school or college-going student and have a tight schedule you are free to do affiliate marketing.

Best Affiliate Website

After knowing what is affiliate marketing and other things about it, not its time for the best affiliate websites you can join and earn passive income. They are as follows:-


ShareASale is one of the best websites for you if you are or want to be an affiliate marketer. This website is been in this business for more than 17 years now. They have every product you can think of or interested in selling. They have digital and standard payout options available.

Amazon Associates:-

Amazon needs no introduction. Everyone in this world has heard about Amazon. One of the most genuine websites on the internet. They also have an affiliate program. Because Amazon is the biggest eCommerce website in the world. You can sell any product you want. Even if someone purchases a product you are not selling but they are there because of your link you can get a commission for that sell also. But you can get a commission of only 24 hours, not more than that.


There is not much difference between Shareasale and Clickbank. They also have a big marketplace, where you can find products you want to sell. But they do not have a digital payment method. And you can’t earn more than 150$ even if you sell big products.

Adsense vs Affilate Marketing:-

Now we have completed almost everything about affiliate marketing including what is affiliate marketing, now its time for comparison between Adsense and Affiliate marketing.

  • Get into Affiliate marketing is easy, But for AdSense you need approval.
  • If you want to earn more, do affiliate marketing.
  • You can get payment in PayPal and Payoneer from affiliate but not from Adsense.
  • You can get any product according to your niches in affiliate marketing but not in AdSense.
  • Affiliate products are more attractive but AdSense’s are not.

Whether you are a blogger or a social media influencer, you have the option for affiliate marketing. And reading blog has already cleared all your question. Comment and share if you find this post informative.

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