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Top Five Google AdWords Campaigns | Indiansseo

Promoting our business online is very trending these days, people are spendign too much on online business and they have priority towards online marketing, google introduce Google adowrds on October 2000, google is offering advertising platform at many partner sites.that is called Google ads

Basically Google Adwords help customer to find there correct business what people search for, google charge monthy fee to have their campaign run and created by Google, these days google adwords known as google ads, firest we need to create account into google ads plateform and then according to your need you need to manage your google adwords account, there are 2 modes, first is basic mode and second is expert mode. these is how you start.

Google Adwords

This Days at least 90 percent of google big turn over comes from ads, because customer using google to find information, ads are very great investment for any business.there are so many ads giving from google , google gave us many thing to create ads and giving us tools for keyword research, monitoring campaign and fix our budget.they also gave me space to manage placements.

I am briefing you most popular google ads.

Google Search

On average , there are over 90000 google search world wide evry second. when we advertising on gogole ads then when our business related person search for query then google results opens your business to large visibility, it depends at your keywords.

Usally people create a campaign for their busine, there are many types of ads called campaign that focus on different categories of keywords, people use landing page for their clicks for their nitch, so keyword research is very important.

Top Google Search AdWords Tips

after years of experence i am giving you some google search ads tips, highlighiting some key feature for the google search campaign. after reading this you can improve and optimise your ads.

Callout extensions: our important selling points we included in description but some information we also want to highlights so in that case we use call extensions, we can add 4 call out extension into our adword and each has 25 charaters it shows our main usp.

Search Ads

Sitelink extensions: we also want some link advertise our links with our primary link so that we can add additional links under the main body of text, becasue improve visibility and interaction rate.

Call extensions: We also want us to call our business, with clicks we also want customer to call so in that case google gave us option to make calls , after seeing your advert on a smartphone. that phone number will clikcable so customer will call you.

Negative Keywords:With our adverting , we also want some people or customer to not search or not visible our campaign, so we can do with our keywords called negative keywords, depending on the type of keywords we can set negative keywords, sometime there are irrelevant searches so for avoid this we can set negative keywords.

Bid adjustments: best thing of google ads is bid adjustments , because we can set whatever amount we want, and we can set locations amount and timing also, usually we know ads are performs better on mobile devices between 9am to 5pm, so we can create rule that increase your bids by set percentage to people using smartphone in those hours.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads are very much like by ecommerce website or perple who run ecommerce sites, search campaign can be used to advertise a website and also run special offer, but shopping campaing can advertise every single product individually, without having a set bids on all the products’s keywords.

for that we need to add a google sheet at google merchant centre and setting daily budget and CPC bid, your items will appear on the google shopping platforms.

Shopping Ads

With Shopping Ads we can show our product name, Product Price & Brand name, also comparing each product with price and ratings.

If you want to show your ads ahead of other merchant user then you need to add promotional tag to your products, or if you are running a discount code on your website, then this can also be displayed on google shopping, that attract customer.

Video Advertising

In November 2006, Google are gaining traffic of 30 Lakh User , that time or now, google search ad are very much popular and search ad are very much using so that time google decide to make a different a different plateform for advertiser and google made video ads that time search ad also usign by advertiser. there are some video ads:-

Video Ads

In strems Ads:- this type of video ads run before and after of other youtube video and it will skippable after five seconds of viewing, that ads are also appear on video on google partner sites and rules of the charged is when a viewer watches a full 30 seconds of the video ad.

Video Discovery Ads:- now second type of video ad is video discovery ad, means this type of video is not run automatically means it appears at side of the other video, or yt search result page, it will also visible at mobiles.

Bumper Ads:-this ads are very well run in yt ads, this ads are not skippable and lenghth of the ad is six seconds , if we want to give short msh to our user then we can use this ads.. honestly this ads are very usefull must try.

Mobile Advertising

Now a days maximun customer is using mobile and searching on desktop and other devices are very low , mobile users are rapidly increasing in that case google introduce mobile advertising, there are some format of mobile advertising.

Mobile Ads

App Campaigns:-In November 2017, Google introduce Mobile ads for promoting google apps through google adwords. they follow new format which appeal to download or install google apps, that ads shows on search networks, google play store, youtube and all display networks, this type of campaingn is only creating to drive more app install.

Call only Ads:- Mobile call ads are actually same as Search Text ad, it also shows on search network, it requre a short information like short description ,phone number and Display url, so if customer dont want to come to our business then this ads may help him/her to call our business.

Display Advertising

Google Display Advertiding is a most preferable ads on google ads platforms, it allowing people to promte their business in different format of ads.

Display Ad 720*90

Text Ads:- This type of display ads are text based it will not appear with searches,it appear with matching based means shows all the plateforms of google in text format, means we can kill two birds with one arrow, so you need to select search ad and then in that ad you need to select display ad.

Image Ads:- This ads are More Eye Catching Type, allowing use images on the display network to get clicks through our website, and this ads are very much using.

Display Ad 300*250

Rich Media Ads:- Rich Media ads are same as Image Ads but it require interactive elements and animations that make it more eye catching and interactive.

Video ads:- This is Similar to rich media, but video can be embedded to play directly within it

.This is all about Popular ads and in my next blog i will tell you about most popular tricks and tips to create google ads.

Written by:- Kamlesh Singad

Kautilya Infotech


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