Key Benefits of Working with Dedicated Development Teams


Why is dedicated software development a perfect model?

1. The client decides on the scope of the project.

2. Much cheaper recruiting and administrative support.

3. All-in-one pricing.

4. The client actively participates in the recruitment process to make sure candidates are a good tech/culture fit.

5. The team works on one project with no distractions — maximum efficiency and speed.

6. Transparent project management, full access to project progress.

7. Increased turnaround of the development — fast response to market changes, fewer lost opportunities.

8. Increased immersion into the project — more value — higher ROI.

9. Possibility to adapt the workload to new objectives and easily change the direction.

10. The team can be easily scaled up or down and reconfigured according to the current needs and requirements.

11. The determined project budget with minimal risk of overheads.

12. Long-term focus on the quality of work, out-of-the-box solutions.

13. The model is very effective for projects that need continuous integration and grow and evolve with time.

14. A committed team adopts your culture, mission/goal.

Why is Blackthorn Vision among top outsourcing partners in Ukraine?

According to a Statista report, the demand for IT outsourcing services has been growing over the last decade, with cost-saving being among the key reasons to opt for it. What will change now? Only outsourcing companies that have unique know-how, exceptional client-focus, and the optimum service quality/speed/price balance, which is crucial for business, will survive the tough competition. Blackthorn Vision has it all and even more — the attitude. For more than a decade, we have been building solid foundations to ensure the success of our clients:

A realistic assessment of your project at the Discovery phase. The truth about what and how we can deliver to meet your expectations.

Technology stack. All advantages of being Microsoft’s Gold Partner.

Agile project management based on the best world practices.

Painstaking but quick recruitment process. 3–4 good candidates are offered for one position within 2–6 weeks, depending on the required skills, with a guaranteed probation period.

Team integration. Team-building events, cultural awareness training to create a close-knit team that functions effectively.

Employees’ professional development. Access to in-house educational resources, webinars, mentorship, and knowledge sharing.

High level of employee satisfaction and retention. No bureaucracy and micromanagement; family-like atmosphere build on trust, a social package that is constantly improved.

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