Google Search Console- Beginner’s Guide

Google Search Console Guide
Google Search Console Guide
google search console

If you looking for better search engine rankings then this is the right blog you are reading Definitely you are doing your best to rank onto google but I am here to guide you for better results and after reading this you can stop investing, google search console is the best option.

If you have low fund to invest then you need to focus on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) We need to Thank to Google they Gave us best Tool for understand our website, how much traffic came into that website and also highlighted the website issue and how we can improve the site for better results

We are Known that as Google Search Console. That tool is universal and very famous, that tool also known as Google Webmaster. In 2015 Google Named Google Search Console so if using different terms then no need to worry that is same thing.

Dashboard after verification

Best thing about Google Search Console is that Its Completely Free and Google Made for us and definitely its really very nice for us. This is how you can maximize your SEO results.

Add your website to google search console.

First of all we need to create account into GSC and then Simply add site by clicking by ADD PROPERTY  button available on left side. Then just enter your Site name however you like eg. https or http.

Add Website

Now we need to verify that that website is our or not, google is giving us 4 ways to verify our site. My best method to verify our site is to add HTML file to your web server and you can also add meta tag into it. If you are comfortable to add DNS settings, or connect Google Analytics or google tag manger you can do it.


Whenever your website is verify you will get complete data of your website and get complete information. After that you can see details of website with respect of Overview, Performance and URL Inspection.


In Overview it will give basic details about data of website and gives you details of website for which keyword you get keywords Now you need to index your website and then google bot comes and scan your website that is called crawled, it will give u complete details about your pages and your information. Now comes to performance section it will shows your impression, clicks and CTR.

Ownership verification

Site index

Google gave us Site index option where we can index our site and improve ranking.


If you don’t wish to indicate some details to anyone like RSS Fees, or the other crucial knowledge that you simply don’t wish to access bots. On the coverage tab you’ll see a basic report of pages on your web site It shows the amount of pages depends on what you’d like google to index and what you would like to stay personal.

By making a robots.txt file we will show google, however all programme from accessing web content that we have a tendency to don’t wish them to induce on. However, for sensitive areas of your web site you will wish to think about watchword protective all relevant directories

URL Inspection

Through a robots.txt generator and tester, not solely can you be able to produce a robots.txt file, however you may be able to see if it’s done properly before you transfer it to your server.

Next up is sitemaps. This is often primarily a “table of contents” for your website that may facilitate Google realize each page on your site.

Submitting a sitemap can give information to Google to confirm what pages you have got on your web site so that they will index them.


If you don’t submit a sitemap they will not index all of the pages on your web site, which suggests you won’t get the maximum amount traffic. Sitemaps have to be submitted in an XML format and they can’t contain more than 50,000 URLs or be larger.

If you exceed any of these limits, you wish to separate up your sitemap in multiple files then submit them.

If you aren’t technical, you’ll be able to move to XML Sitemaps to form a sitemap. All you’ve got to try and do is enter in your URL of your homepage and click on “start”.

Once your sitemaps are uploaded, Google can tell you ways several of your URLs area unit being indexed. Don’t worry, it’s common for them to not index all of your websites.

Typically if pages aren’t being indexed it’s as a result of the content on those pages isn’t distinctive, the title tags and meta descriptions area unit generic, and not enough websites area unit linking to your internal pages.

Manual actions


The links report provides a wealth of knowledge concerning wherever your web site is receiving links, what those links say, and wherever they’re linking to.

It’s variable into 2 main categories—internal and external links.

Internal links square measure from at intervals your web site, that may be a good way to induce a lot of Google love.

When you link to a page from another page, it tells Google that page is vital to your web site. as an example, I link to my SEO tools at rock bottom of each page of

Since each single page is linking to those tools, Google realizes they’re vital and is a lot of seemingly to rank them higher in search results.

If you don’t link to your internal pages, they’re going to not get the maximum amount PageRank and that they won’t place in addition within the search listings.

The second class is external links. These square measure links to your web site from different sites.

As you’ll be able to imagine, these square measure tougher to induce however far more valuable. In fact, these external links—also referred to as backlinks—are usually thought of to be the highest ranking issue Google uses.

The best thanks to increase your rankings on Google is to induce a lot of sites to link to you.

This can generally happen simply by posting nice content, however it’s sometimes an honest plan to push it to others in your trade so that they fathom it.

Either way, you’ll be able to see your complete link profile here and work on weak areas to induce higher search result placings within the future.


If you’re trying to grow your SEO reach and begin doing higher on Google, you would like to play by their rules.

And if you’re aiming to try this, the most effective approach is to follow their recommendation. begin listening to Google’s recommendations and creating your web site match their necessities and expectations.

The simplest approach is with the free Google Search Console. in only a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to begin understanding your web site from Google’s purpose of read.

Written by:- Kamlesh Singad

Kautilya Infotech

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