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Best Instagram Lead Generation Strategy | Indiansseo

Instagram is one of the highly used Social Media Handlers nowadays. In this period of Digital Marketing marketers Instagram is one of the best ways to be used as a lead generating platform. If you do it in the right way, it can be very effective for your business. In the form of Instagram leads you can get your potential customers who express interest in your company.Instagram Lead Generation

Who should use Instagram Ads for Marketing his or her products?

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, with over 1 billion active users on Instagram, you’ll probably find some beneficial leads from Instagram marketing. Of course, there are eCommerce businesses also, which are selling products online and are naturally more visible and I bet you they should be using Instagram marketing as well. Also Instagram is the best place for storytelling. Beautiful images and videos can draw attention to your platform, so if you have a product that is super photogenic, then it is surely made for instagram.

Certain businesses like auto, fashion, beauty, and travel, seem to be fit for doing marketing on Instagram. And, since there are a number of those brands on Instagram, those brands are taking advantage of it to the fullest by having greater competition. You can consider them as case studies. You can study about their growth pattern, strategies, instagram ads, also you can use their successes as your inspiration and their mistakes as your learning opportunities. Any business can benefit from Instagram marketing with a little creativity and a proper strategy.

The given article will definitely help you to learn how you can use Instagram lead ads and other organic tactics to collect more leads on the Instagram platform and help your online business grow and flourish. You can use these tips to make the most out of Instagram leads.

1. Use Instagram Lead Ads

The most obvious way to get more leads on Instagram is to use Lead Ads. Instagram lead ads are designed to help businesses collect the information of your potential customers such as their email addresses, phone numbers, location and job profiles.

These ads can be more effective by helping businesses gather more information about their customers in detail as well as by improvising the direct marketing campaigns for their businesses. For example several Coaching Classes run their lead ads for gathering the general information about their prospective students.

For creating Instagram lead ads, you’ll need an Instagram business account. That means you also need an Official Facebook Page. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook all Instagram ads are created in Facebook’s Ads Manager.

Steps to create an Instagram lead ad : –

  1. Select Lead Generation as your marketing objective.
  2. Facebook recommends you to select Automatic Placements for ensuring that cost-per-lead is optimized and kept to a minimum level.
  3. You must select your target audience.
  4. Now set your bid (either optimize for leads or for link clicks).
  5. Choose a format for your ad.
  6. To make sure your ad runs in a proper way on Instagram, your creative ad must follow the Instagram ad specifications.
  7. You also need to create a lead form.
  8. Add pre-filled sections like email, address, full name, phone number, and gender; which are added automatically by Instagram by using information from customer accounts. This will help to increase the completion rate.

The information collected by these lead ads on Instagram can be used to fine-tune your Instagram ad targeting strategy or you can say build Lookalike Audiences for you. These audiences will help you target people on your platform with similar profiles matching to your needs, allowing you to boost exposure and reach new prospects. If sales-related leads is your goal, conversion ads may be one of the best options for you.

2. Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Most of the people have their instagram account connected to their Facebook account. Custom or look alike audiences on Facebook help you target Instagram users who are somehow similar to your existing customers. This could be a great step to take if you already have at least 1,000 Instagram followers.

Facebook lets you create a lookalike audience of Instagrammers on the basis of following aspects : –

  • Everyone who is engaged with your Instagram profile.
  • Only those who visited your profile once.
  • Only those who like your content or ad and engage with it only.
  • People who sent a direct message to your business profile.
  • Those who liked and saved any of your posts.

These lookalike audiences help you generate high-quality leads and are also helpful during your instagram ads lead campaigns by targeting users who are more likely to be interested in your products.

3. Optimization of the Link in your Bio

If you are using instagram for a longer period, then you must notice that there are 3 important elements to an optimized Instagram profile, these are a perfect Profile image, catchy and informative Content and a Link.

It is crucial to use the link space in your bio as

your lead generation strategy. It could be a potential source of getting good leads for your page. Your link should focus on your potential customers who have the similar objective as yours and who wish to accomplish it using your products or services.

This link in your bio could be newsletter subscription, product sales, or a survey. You can take the help of Google Forms to create a nice and appealing survey form. Also it is easy for you to change your link as often as you like. Even you can use this strategy by using different links as per occasions.

You can keep the following points in mind for optimizing your Instagram bio links : –

  1. Keep the link short as possible, and you should use your brand name in it.
  2. You can use your Instagram posts and stories to promote the link by mentioning “Link in bio”.
  3. Include the UTM parameters in the URL to track your link.
  4. Add a call-to-action button above the bio link to make it more visible.
  5. For “expanding borders IG” you can use your Facebook Blueprint’s Instagram profile with a custom link in bio.

Just remember that when you reference “link in bio” in your Instagram posts, those references will be outdated if you change your bio link.

4. Add Call-to-Action Buttons

Adding an eye catchy or attractive call-to-action to your profile is another way to attract more leads to your business account. The best effort done by you for Instagram lead generation could be a strong call-to-action. A two to six word phrase like swipe up or shop now or click the link or click for more offers, can pack a lot of punch on your users.

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can add call to action buttons to your profiles. These call to action buttons added to your profile can include a link to your email, phone number, and business address so that people can get in touch with your business or company.

In addition to your customized call to action buttons, Instagram provides better options for lead generation, that includes Book, Reserve, and Get Tickets action buttons. These buttons induce people to connect to forms by Instagram providers, including Appointy, Eventbrite, OpenTable, Resy, and others. You just need to choose one that  is used by your business.

Steps to add a Call-to-Action Button : –

  1. Go on Edit Profile on your account page.
  2. Select Contact Options.
  3. Choose Add an action button.
  4. Choose the type of button and the provider you would like to add with your button.
  5. Add your business URL to be used with the selected provider.

This way you can create an effective call to action button for your page and can attract more leads to your business.

5. An Interactive Landing Page is a Good Idea

If someone clicked on your link and welcomed to an interactive and designer landing page, this is the best experience for that person. So, this creates the need for developing a landing page that won’t make people regret their decision.

Some of the features are very much essential for a better landing page. These are –

  • The page should be scannable.
  • The page should be visually appealing.
  • The content is the soul of the page, it should match what people are expecting to find.
  • Your landing page should justify the motive of your call-to-action.
  • The theme of your landing page should deliver your business idea.

Some brands even use their call-to-action buttons to divert their customers to their product review page. This could also be a very good idea for compelling people to shop from your website. You can also link your newsletters to your website or landing pages.

Some brands choose to link the call-to-action to specific pages on your website.

6. Create Shoppable Content on Instagram

Tagging products on Instagram is not sufficient enough to increase your sales. Even a single tap, whether converted to a purchase or not, can be considered as a lead collected through an interested customer. And Instagram Shopping is one of the most popular media of the digital marketing of business. You can use this option to see what products your audiences are interested in.

To create such shoppable Instagram posts, you have to start by making sure that your account is eligible for this purpose. For this you need to have a Facebook catalogue, which can be created using Catalogue Manager, or with a Facebook Partner. Once your catalogue is connected to your Instagram profile, you need to sign up for Instagram Shopping. From there, you can start adding product tags to your posts and stories that will help you to build your commercial portfolio.

Several beauty and clothing brands use this strategy to sell their products using this feature of Instagram Marketing. With Instagram Insights feature, you can track product views (the total number of times people clicked on a particular tag), and product button clicks (the total number of times people clicked purchase option on the product page).

Shoppable posts also get a chance of displaying in the Explore feed section, where  more than 200 million account users visit daily on Instagram. Instagram also tests shopping posts as ads, which will provide marketers with ways to target and collect new leads from window-shopping customers.

7. “Swipe Up” feature on Instagram Stories

Another place where you can embed links on Instagram is Instagram Stories. If you have more than 10,000 followers attached to your account, this is a feature you should use to benefit your business by getting more leads on instagram. Most of the stories posted on Instagram Stories are from businesses or brands showcasing their products.

Stories tend to be more effective than a bio link, since one only has to swipe up to act on an impulse and by doing so he or she will get whatever they want. But you must keep that in mind that someone must not regret the impulse. Here also you need a good landing page for attracting people. These brand-led Instagram stories have a completion rate of 85%.

How you can add a link or swipe up feature to your Instagram Stories : –

  1. From the feed section you can swipe right.
  2. You can also tap the plus icon on the top left corner of your profile picture.
  3. Upload your content which should be attractive enough to attract the users.
  4. Now click on the icon with a chain to add your link.
  5. If you are planning to keep the offer for long, and want to keep the link online for a longer period of time, add the story to your highlights.
  6. This helps to increase its visibility and gives a chance to those who want to take a second look and want to revisit the page.

8. Taking help from an Instagram Influencer

Influencer marketing is yet another effective form of social media marketing that involves endorsements and product placement from influencers and organizations who have an expertise or social influence in their respective fields. Influencer content may be framed as testimonial advertising on the Instagram page of your business.

Instagram Influencers are outside people who significantly shape the customer’s purchasing decision or their reviews about the product but may never be accountable for it. They are well-connected to your product and create an impact on the other users by setting trends.

Partnering with instagram influencers can be a significant strategy for generating new leads on instagram. What you have to do is to choose an influencer with strong brand affinity. Your partnership will help you to reach new prospective followers and leads for your business. Credibility of that influencer is also important.

If influencers have the trust of their fans, they may have more power to attract them on your behalf, especially if your business is a startup. They are just like supermodels or actresses who help you to popularise your brand by doing advertisements or brand promotion activities.

For upcoming or new brands, partnering with an influencer is a must for Instagram stories. These partnerships typically happen in the form of account takeovers, where your account has been “taken over” by the Instagram influencer for a certain period of time. During the takeover period, the influencer can post whatever he or she thinks will benefit the account and the brand gets exposure to the influencer’s audience.

9. Designer Creatives prepared around your Goal

Good graphics always lure people towards it. You can also use this strategy of creating very attractive and informative graphics for your instagram lead generation. Your visuals and your call-to-action when combined together in an effortless manner can bore fruit to you and always fulfill the same goal of the growth and success of your business.

If you want someone to click the link in your Instagram bio, your post and the caption to your post should be so attractive to them which can appeal them to do so. Your call-to-action should be the final nudge in that direction. Using this strategy you can give that person a reason to have a look at your products.

A number of emojis are there which can be used on your posts to help you draw attention to your call-to-action. In Instagram Stories, you can use stickers or text or gifs to give your audience direction to follow your product or to choose one. Make sure that your creative or the post designed by you leaves room for these call-to-actions, and doesn’t overcrowd the “See More” icon.

10. Instagram Contests are Fun

Another creative and fun laden way to collect leads on Instagram is through a contest or promotional activity. You can ask your followers to complete a survey or comment on a post or order for a chance to win a prize. You can also add ‘tag-a-friend’ or ‘tag us’ (either your company name in place of us).

Here also you can partner with an influencer to broaden the scope of the contest and generate more leads for your business. Many Instagram pages run these contests on weekends or on some special occasions like Teachers Day, Mother’s Day and many more.

Or you can also consider running an exclusive sale or promotional activity on Instagram. As Instagram explains on one of its blogs, “With a limited time, Instagram-only promotion, you can create a sense of urgency and prompt people to shop”. And it is very simple to understand that the more people you prompt, the more leads you get.

11. Feature Popular Products

This tip is a self introduced tip by Instagram itself. As instagram explains on its business blog, shoppers are not always ready to make a purchase at the very first time they see your product, even this happens in traditional marketing also.

Therefore Instagram recommends you to check the Insights tab to find the product posts that perform best on Instagram. You just need to post popular content regularly, so you can keep your product fresh in their mind, you have to build confidence among your consumers, and create more opportunities for them to buy your product especially the one they liked the most.

Many brands have used this strategy to display the posts of their popular products in their feed several times for one or two months and even created a story highlight for it. The most important thing is that, never use the same post twice.

Keep the content or product the same, only change the graphics related to it or even if you have enough resources, recreate the post. The companies also mix product shots with influencer endorsements and interactive storytelling, this helps them to do brand promotion in a more effective way.

12. Engage With Your Audience

Social media is all about getting social or interacting frequently with your followers or anyone who reacts to your posts or stories.You have to engage with your audience if you are really serious about getting good leads through Instagram.

One of the easiest ways to step up audience engagement is to simply respond to everything, as mentioned before give response to the  ‘likes’ on your posts or stories, comments, or direct messages. Even try to give response to each and everyone.

But a simple Thanks is not sufficient, if you really want to grow your audience and Instagram leads, you have to take out some time to dig a bit deeper and craft a thoughtful response. You have to be interactive with your audience.

Engaging with your audience doesn’t mean that your responses have to be very long sentences. Just show them that you gave their comment or feedback some attention. Your responses should be engaging. There are a lot of ways you can apply to do that:

  • You can use relevant emojis.
  • You can share related images.
  • Reply with a funny GIF (available in Stories only).
  • Asking a follow-up question is again a good option.

Just apply all efforts that you can or try everything you can do to make your brand appear more accessible, friendly, and engaging. This is the key strategy which is going to win new followers and keep them coming back for more and they’re going to bring leads for sure.

13. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is actually any unpaid content put out by your fans or product users. It’s a perfect idea when it comes to social proof. Mouth publicity is always an important strategy in the marketing scenario. People have more trust on what other people tell them about a particular product or brand, even if those other people are mere online followers of the brand whom they don’t even know personally.

Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing user-generated content. Here we can take advantage of both the social proof and the engagement that the content brings. You can use Hashtags for making it more relevant. And the chances of you being searched increases manifolds.

You can also create an Instagram collection of user-generated content, for which you have to take the permission to use so you can engage with the followers and easily find the content when you want to use it.

14. Go Instagram Live

When you go live on Instagram, the video showing up in your Instagram story is visible to others as well and viewers can interact with you in real-time. But, this only remains till when you are ‘live’ after that it’s gone. There’s no going back to watch it later.

Instagram has a built-in sense of urgency to their live videos in order to help their users connect to more people in a live performance.

As soon as you have started a live video, your followers will get a notification on their mobile phones that you’ve started a live video and, if they’re also active on Instagram at that time, they’ll be able to see that you’re broadcasting in the Instagram Stories section and hence they can become a part of your Live video.

Since Instagram live content can’t be saved for later use, it can be used in a better way to promote “in the moment” content like : –

  • Big announcements like launch
  • New Product Teasers
  • Sneak peeks
  • Contests with Social cause
  • Live Question and Answer

If you want to turn this into a lead generating campaign, be sure to include your call to action (“link in bio”, “connect with us”, etc.) that will encourage people to act immediately.

15. Instagram Content Strategy

Content is said to be the soul of any post,and here we are talking about various types of  content as a part of your strategy. There are 3 key steps that you should follow to find the right content for your Instagram business profile:

Step 1 : – Choose Your Core Topics

Come up with some interesting and visually appealing ways to present the best bits of your brand, business, and products. If you aren’t confident about what types of things you should focus on, kindly check out other similar brands in your industry and see what they’re doing.

Or even you can go outside of your business niche to other brands you admire for inspiration and you can get some brilliant ideas from there. Usually brands might post about user generated content, company culture, customer experience stories or customer feedback, behind the scenes content, etc.

Step 2 : – Schedule Your Photo Shoots

To be a successful brand on Instagram you will  need to post multiple times every day. You have to create appealing posts with high-quality, professional-level images. Try to take candid pics that look accidental not framed. You need to schedule just 1 photo shoot each week.

Give yourself and your product an hour to shoot the photos with lots of natural light and your smartphone camera. If you can afford you can hire a professional photographer for that. You don’t need more than that unless you really want it.

Step 3 : – Schedule Your Posts

You can easily schedule your posts ahead of time and Instagram will post on its own without you watching over them with tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.

16. Establish a Posting Schedule

There are 4 sub parts to your posting schedule and it’s very much important to keep in my mind each part to get the most out of Instagram’s lead-generating capabilities.

Part 1 : – Regular Instagram Posts

You should post regularly on Instagram at least once a day. Like we mentioned earlier, there are tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc and others which are available to help you schedule these posts in advance and keep you on track. The content of your posts should be in-depth and include up to 10 relevant hashtags. You can also include emojis to keep things personable and fun.

Part 2 : – Instagram Stories

You can post between 5 to 15 Instagram stories throughout a day.You have to plan properly for them. You don’t have to worry about posting them at the same time every day; when you update your story you’ll automatically get popped to the top of followers’ feeds. You can create swipe up stories that make it easy to add clickable links right to your stories and the users can swipe up on your stories to reach your landing pages.

Part 3 : – Instagram Live

Instagram Live offers a good opportunity for engagement. Because of this reason you need to have a solid plan before you start your broadcast. Whenever you wish to go live, pin your topic in a comment box so it’s there to see no matter when folks arrive. Plan a lead-off question to start engaging in the first couple of minutes. Close with a reminder of the next live session and it’s topic, and your call to action.

Thank them and finally say goodbye!

Part 4 : – Engagement

Respond to everyone and everything. Make connections every day.


Using all these strategies and by posting regularly, at the right time, and in different formats you can get more reach on your Instagram account. It may be possible that some people may only look at your stories, while others look exclusively at your posts. Keep sharing in both formats to increase chances for getting more and more leads. Just remember to tailor content according to the need of your proactive users.

Written by:Khushbu Rajput


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