6 Best AWeber Competitors for Email Marketing in 2021


2021 is here after a harrowing year that will go down in history as the year of pandemic! The world was thrown into sudden chaos in the year 2020 and it was all thanks to a virus that hampered the way we live, work and function – for all times to come! The world will never be the same, and the digital world in general has seen a sea change due to the chain of events that have kickstarted this entire gamut of activities. The way we do business has, in particular, changed thanks to the lock down that was initiated by countries all over the world. 

6 Best AWeber Competitors for Email Marketing in 2021

This is where talk of the various tools and trends comes into the picture. When we speak of the digital way of doing business, this is not something that we are talking about. Yet, the way we are going about it has changed in the past one year due to the heightened opportunities that have come in front of us thanks to this lock down year where all the focus and all the activities shifted online. Yet, one can easily see that with these opportunities has come great competition and the even greater challenge of rising above all of it to make one’s own mark. This is where we turn our attention to tools like CRM and the AWeber alternatives that can make one’s life easier. 

What is an alternative to AWeber?

To answer this question, we will first have to understand what CRM really is. Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a system that has evolved in past fifteen or so years since the inception of HubSpot in 2006 when CRM came in to automate the way we run our businesses with the help of such digital marketing tools. Since its humble beginnings, there have been a number of evolutionary changes to herald a fine tuning of sorts in this industry with AWeber alternatives holding their own.

AWeber itself is a well known name that evolved in this niche thanks to the growing needs to automate one’s activities and to make a digital presence that would draw in conversions with the right data filtered and captured from all the big data floating around. The cost factor, the range of features and the efficiency of such platforms or systems has led to a demand for improvisation and this you can now easily find the right AWeber alternative for your business needs. 

How Would Your Business Benefit from AWeber Competitors?

While there are many fitting AWeber competitors, there are very few that can actually solve all your business related problems with the magic wand called automation and integration. But before we analyze all those platforms to find the best one, let us understand what you should be looking so that you know what benefits to ask about before you put your money out there and sign up!

  • An Organized Approach: This is clearly the dream of every business person out there. You would want to organize your team and the resources in terms of the information, functions and basic skill sets so that you do not waste time and money when you go about your operations. This is something that you will most definitely gain when you adopt a CRM partner like an AWeber alternative. 
  • Higher Revenues: When you have efficiency on your side, it would be a no brainer that higher revenues would follow since you would be able to make conversions in lesser time and thus hasten your journey towards that magic number that you term as your goals. This would be thanks to all the tools and the organized approach that would make for more coordinated teams at the end of the day. 
  • Automation: This would be one of the most important elements of buying into a CRM platform since the automation side would take care of all the mundane functions that would otherwise bore a hole right into your day and eat a chunk of those precious man hours. This is especially important for a small and growing business that needs to make a professional impact without wasting time and other precious resources. 

Now that we have understood the main benefits of employing an alternative to AWeber, let us take a look at the AWeber competitors that we should consider for our business:

EngageBay: This would rank at the very top thanks to the fact that it has many features to organize your business and make it more efficient. Additionally, it does so at a very small cost – almost a fraction of a cost when compared to all the other platforms in this class of CRM platforms. Plus, it also has constant support so that you always have the help that you need.  

Send In Blue: This is a well known email marketing platform. Yet, it does not have a very wide range of features and thus, one cannot fully trust it. Also, it comes at a very high cost. 

Constant Contact: Constant Contact is an upcoming AWeber alternative that can help you organize your sales pipeline needs with email marketing. But, it is not the most affordable platform in its class. 

Get Response: This is an old and well evolved platform that organizes your sales pipeline and lead generation needs with the help of email marketing. Yet, it does not have too many features for integration with other channels. 

Marketo: This is a relatively new platform that offers email marketing with lead generation. It does not offer much scope for integrations and has limited features for a business. 

Mailjet: This platform also comes with email marketing features, yet it is quite expensive and small business owners cannot afford the plans here. 

The above analysis clearly shows that the award winning platform, EngageBay would be the best alternative to AWeber thanks to its exhaustive list of features and the affordable price points as well as the numerous integrations that it offers.

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