5 Tips to Become a Successful Freelance Academic Writer



Are you tired of working full time and want to break out of the 9-5 system of work? Do you have great writing skills and want to explore all of your options?  You can become your own boss and earn a decent income from freelance writing.

There is nothing holding you from drawing the plunge. You can start your transition little by little. But, firstly, you have to do it by the side as a part-time job before quitting your day job. You need to know that when you go freelance, you need to be packaged with the necessary requirements to be a successful writer.

Like any kind of career, there are certain considerations and industry practices you really need to have an idea about for a successful career in writing.

Freelance writers are often seen as people who live their life to the fullest. They don’t get orders from anyone but themselves. They have control over their work and time whenever they are ready.

To a point, it’s pretty okay but being a freelancer doesn’t mean you don’t have to be organized, disciplined and also follow routines. Most of the best freelancers are those with self-control. They avoid all the distractions and take the hours between 9-5 very seriously.

The entrepreneurs, employed individuals and freelancers are believed to work way harder than those employees that collect salary most importantly when you keep in mind that all the gains (I.e. health, paid sick leave, vacation) you take for granted don’t exist anymore.

We’ve borrowed the best tips for you from an academic essay writing company with a team of experts. They will help you become a successful freelance writer.

Choose Between Going Part-Time or Full Time

You don’t have to make freelance writing a full-time job. You have the option of earning passively through freelance writing until you fully master the market and make your move by going full-time.

When you are great at what you do, it is important you have an amount of time that you dedicate to freelancing. But if you can’t make it a full-time job immediately, then transit slowly. Make sure your income is very stable from different sources before making the decision.

Develop a Reputable Online Portfolio

One of the best ways to attract new clients is to show them samples of your work. It can be very difficult to get something and have no idea about the quality or writing style as a publisher to expect.

To prevent all this, you can create a blog and put on an Online Portfolio or you can send an email to the publishers. One of the problems of overcoming technical problems is starting a blog. Right now, web hosting companies have one-click installations that do everything for you, which results in online blogging explosions.

You want to bring out that professionalism and showcase your seriousness in your freelancing career.

Build a Solid Online Presence

A great step in the right direction is creating a blog for your online portfolio. But you don’t expect traffic and visibility to just turn up.

You need to be actively online on various platforms so that you can communicate with other freelancers, bloggers, media companies and writers. You can also search for freelance writing communities, forums, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups and also build up relationships. Talking about relationships, it’s not just the one with your peer which can help result in referrals and learning but you can also get clients.

However, it is of major necessity that you make social accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Nowadays, publishers want you to have the capacity to promote your work and create more traffic.

Get a Niche and Build Yourself

It is important that you have at least one writing Niche that should be your specialization. There are a lot of opportunities for generalists who are writers that can write about anything with a little information.

However, the best paying option is for those that need experts in various technical areas. Here are some areas you can choose to become a professional in include career advice, SEO, health, personal finance, mental health, productivity. You have an opportunity as long as there is a market for that field.

With a college degree, that’s an added edge over others. Well if you don’t, you have to work on that, you can also consider getting a degree even if it is from a community college. However, it is not imperative. There are a lot of entrepreneurs and great writers with no formal education. The most important thing is to prove your expertise and deliver an excellent job. It allows you to dictate your rates.

Write Captivating Cover Letters

You can be a great writer but it would be of no good if you don’t have clients for your work. As an amateur, you don’t need to search far. There are a lot of companies that are active online and there would always be some who need your expertise as a copywriter. The most effective way to look by far is online job listings, especially for freelancers.

You too can become a reputable freelance writer with tons of publications and large clientele list if you put your mind to it and develop your writing skills. The tips above will set your mind to the right course as you chase your dreams.


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