15 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO IN 2021


15 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO IN 2021

Many people have the vague idea that SEO is all about the ranking of the website. It’s partly true. With everything going digital your business can’t afford to limit itself to the old traditional pattern of business, while the competitors are going for SEO (Search engine optimization) which saw a rapid surge this past few years.

SEO is crucial for small businesses because a majority of customers are searching for the product online. Do you know that 90% of customers go online to find local businesses if they don’t find you they’ll find your competitor? custumers coming through SEO generally have much higher buying intent than running ads on Facebook, etc

Here, I will give you perfect 15 reasons why you need SEO in your business

  1. Having a website with SEO builds trust with customers

If your website/page is not appearing for relevant keywords and relevant search terms as customers are looking for. Your business losses credibility. Even if you are aggressively marketing on another platform that can be undermined by the lack of organic presence

Authority is accrued over time as a result of aspects like:

  • Natural links.
  • Positive user behavior.
  • Machine-learning signals.
  • Optimized on-page elements and content.
  • Organic search is the first point of entry

Most of the traffic enters the website through the google . increasing the presence over the google not only improves the viewers count but also there is great conversion rate apart from that helps in establishing the brand value to the product

  • Local SEO helps you get more impression

Whatever product you are offering, whatever service you are offering, if you are optimized for the ranking factors people are gonna be able to find you in the local search results that they typically wouldn’t be able to find you in those regular organic search results. So, more eyeballs on your business more people to your site, potentially more leads, leading to more revenue at the bottom line.

  • SEO impacting market research tool

As more people prefer to do internet research before buying any product here SEO can play a crucial role by implanting the right and relevant keywords, it leads the customers to your site and makes them check out the deals and thus, increases the chances of sales.

As you see there is a huge number of search of relevant keyword and SEO are cost-effective so you just cannot give it a short shrift. So, grab your customers at the earliest. You can’t let your competitor to take the advantage of web research and lose considerable revenue and profits

  • SEO is evolving every year

As we know change is the only constant and this applies for SEO too. after reaching a threshold limit the view count may drop if the content and optimization are not modified as per the latest trend, keywords, searches pages and google changes its algorithm every year.

  • Is SEO cost-effective? Why I prefer online marketing

The answer is yes,and that’s possible because of targeting potential customer’s not throwing away ads to everyone like tv, radio, billboards. and as per the study there are already 60-70% population online that makes easy to generate leads. so, it is cheaper than other traditional methods and has higher ROI

  • SEO is quantifiable.

SEO provides lots of analytical data for your business/website that helps in planning and decision making.

Also helps in knowing,

  • Your audience what they like read, click so on
  • Traffic sources and other channels
  • If you are not ranking on page 1 you are instantly losing 75% of potential customer

As per the study we know that 3 out of 4 will click from page one if you are not on page 1 your customer can’t find you. Think how many customers you are missing out.

Here SEO will be your saviour

  • Voice searches keep growing

From the last few year’s, there is exponential growth in voice searches and comScore says in coming years 50% of searches will be voice searches. Google voice assistant, Alexa, echo dot these devices are slowly taking up the searches. so there is a requirement of up-gradation in tools. and You need to make your audience more aware of your brand and make them hear about you more often. It will help you by raising your brand awareness and get further benefits

  1. SEO can help in joint venturing and other business aware of your presence and value

If you have well-known brand people will search for you, share your content and may ask for collaboration.

  1. SEO has the guarantee of a long-term relationship.

SEO can start bearing fruit within a year .and will continue to do so for upcoming years so it doesn’t require a complete overhaul. but It will require continued monitoring and upgradation

  1. SEO will elevate user experience

With high quality SEO there will be a requirement of good user experience in absence of that there will be an increase in bounce-back rate, low retention. The intention should be to provide the information customer looking for in  possible few clicks. A site that is clutter-free and offers a clean look would  visited by more people as customers would find it easy to use

  1. SEO helps in filter out the audience with the right content

It starts with the audience landing on your page. And you have to retain them to the site by providing the valuable &correct information. There are some other technical SEO tool that can be utilized to filter out the audience like high-speed loading pages, high quality and lossless image, mobile-friendly websites so on

  1. SEO in improving brand value

As people search for different segments like news sports there is chances of your company being pop up in between those which can bring some traffic and this is possible with the right placing of keywords or SEO techniques.

  1. SEO is permanent

As we know we have entered into the digital era. So, SEO will evolve with time but its goanna be there always

Conclusion: SEO isn’t complicated, it is just a smart way of increasing visibility, saving time, and cutting marketing cost. It ultimately comes down to helping people interact with your website by leading them to engage in a conversation with you (without physically being there).

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