10 modern Serif Fonts for Logo Design


Ask any digital
professionals what is the the secret of a good logo design is? They will tell
you minimalism and simplicity. From the graphics to the typo, the designer
should always try to keep things simple. The fonts considered are top
bestselling fonts on myfonts.com, a position they are conveniently occupying
due to their clean, neat, and often simple typefaces. You can easily add a
touch of class, elegance, and beauty to your logo designs by adopting these Modern
serif fonts.

is a modernserif font designed by Jorge Cisterna, and debuted in June 2019, to
harmonize several interesting features found in various popular 1970s typefaces.
The font incorporates some beautiful characteristics of reputable fonts that
dominated the industry some decades ago, such as the gentle and soft shapes
found in Cooper or the fluid and angled strokes in Windsor, to generate a
totally awesome, beautiful and neat Recoleta font family.Recoleta is available
in several font weights to offer the best look to your design. The lighter Recoleta Thin andRecoleta Light, will do
excellent job when used for body text. The Recoleta font family will lend a
familiar, yet modern and fresh look to your logo design (you have our word).

there is a great advantage in identifying one’s niche and focusing on it. Mundo
Serif is a font specifically designed to make reading comfortable, from
on-screen digital content to print in periodicals and books – and it does this
job excellently well. Mundo serif is large font family characterized by
restrained stroke modulation, generous counters, commanding x-height and tall
ascenders, all of which accounts for the amazing neatness and readability of
the members of the family. Drawn by Carl Crossgrove in 2019 (the folk that
designed the popular Mundo Sans), Mundo Serif is presently occupying the 7th
position in the Hot New Fonts ranking of myfonts.com.

Serif is a family of 14 beautiful modern fonts with a high-contrast typeface
with thin, pointy, heavily bracketed serifs, with ball terminals in appropriate
places, as well as bracketed junctions in various letterforms. Each member of
the silk family is accompanied by an italic version. While the heavy members
are well-suited for high-impact usage, the lighter fonts can be used to create
an accent. The disconnection between the bowls and the stems – though there is
an illusion of connection because the stem is very close to the bowl – is one
of the unique features of the Silk Serif. It is rare to get this level of
delicacy, legibility, and sophistication in serif fonts – hat off to
RakelTomasdottir for this wonderful font family.

is designed and fine-tuned in two subfamilies of the Display variant and Text
variants.The display variant features tighter kerning, higher contrast and
sharper corners for maximum effect at big sizes, while the text variant is
designed for better readability and screen rendering with lower contrast. Being
a wedge serif type family, the Blacker family have high contrast, sharp wedge
serifs, and 1970 evoking proportions, with each subfamily having a matching
true italics, to ensure that there is always a member of the family that meets
your logo design needs.

font family is unarguably one of the most readable typefaces so far. The design
ideas were inspired by the world of 20th-century novels, with duality,
wildness, surrealism, legibility, and boldness in mind. Even the designers over
at Emedia
will agree quite well that Hermann
is one of the best typefaces to blend wildness and creativity into your logo
design, with 8 family members to ensure there is a perfect typeface that fits
into your ideas.

touch of class and creativity here and there, here you have the contemporary pair
of script and serif fonts – Silver South Font Duo. Silver South offers a
stylish didot-style serif font and free-flowing, expressive script companion
that adds a signature of class to your designs ranging from logos and branding,
wedding designs, product designs, and anywhere you need a unique, stylish
typeface. The combination of the Silver South Script and Silver South Serif
creates a beautiful pairing contrast that lends a clean and neat appearance to
your logo.

the name of this font is not enough to adopt it for your logo designs, it might
interest you to know that this is a new font designed in 2018 and it is one of
the bestselling fonts on myfonts.com. It is actually a family of a smooth
casual monoline signature script and a high contrast elegant didone serif. You
don’t have to worry about adaptability and flexibility as the signature script
is available in three weights to cover most design needs. The Absolute Beauty
Serif is the partner of the script, it is equally as elegant and also available
in two weights.

Eaves is a revival of the Baskerville typefaces designed by Zuzana Licko. Licko
simply lowered the x-height, reduced the amount of space taken up by ink of the
earlier Baskerville fonts to make them adaptable for letterpress printing, and
the resolution of set devices and on-screen display. The characteristics of
this font family include tail on lowercase g does not close, swash-like tail of
Q, long lower arm of E, High crossbar and pointed apex of A, all which are
distinct and are sure to add clarity to your designs. It might interest you to
know that the WordPress logotype is set in Mrs Eaves.

is a family of fonts known for their elegance and ability to playfully decorate
your designs. The family is build round a base serif design which is expanded
to Inline, engraved, Inline, Hatched, and Emboss styles, with a set of
decorative elements. The ease of use and flexibility in application are part of
what this family represents – with all fonts having OpenType features which
includes swash, alternates, and ligatures.If you need a typeface that can offer
a great deal of detail, you should consider Monstice.

Sofa Serif is family of
5 weights from Monoline to Fat, each containing more than glyphs, OpenType
features and full ISO latin 1 & 2 language support. The handcrafted fonts
are eye-catching, attractive and friendly, with stylish features and alternates
to add personality and uniqueness to your logos. It is simply an organic, rough
and decorative hand-drawn font family not only suited for amazing logo designs,
but well-suited for posters, book-cover, and wedding designs.

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