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Getting traffic on your website is what every website owner wants. But it’s easy to rank just by writing articles. That’s where SEO comes. SEO (search engine optimization) is a technique to optimize your website to rank on the 1st page of the search engine. There are two types of SEO, on-page, and off-page. Today we are going to share with you 10 latest on-page SEO techniques you can use to increase your ranking.

But why you need to use these on-page SEO techniques.

It’s very important to do on-page optimization. Without on-page optimization, no search engine can rank you. Without this, there is no chance you will get authority because you will fail to show others what your website is about. Your conversion rate will be low if you don’t use this latest technique.

Now, you know why it’s important. Now its time to share with you, what are techniques you should use to optimize your content. Below are the points which will show you how to use these techniques.

10 On-Page Optimization Techniqies

1. Write Awesome titles and H1 tags:-

Titles are the most important thing, by which your visitor decides, whether to read the article or continue swiping. And the title is also one of the most important things because crawlers check whether your content is appropriate or not. It’s exactly what the searcher has asked for or not.

Make your title impressive and also put your keywords in the title. Try to put keywords at the starting of the title, but if not possible try to at least put it in the title. Don’t repeat your keywords, it will be over-optimized, and will hurt you SEO. Keep your titles under 60 words.

2. Make URL SEO Friendly:-

Keeping your URL SEO optimized is one of the important factors in one page SEO. Don’t put special characters in the URL, instead, put keywords in your URL.

SEO title

Try to keep your URL short under 5 words, and place a “DASH” symbol in between every word. Try to put your keywords in your URL. If you make your URL SEO-friendly, it will be easy for visitors to remember your URL. And will easy for crawlers to rank you because of keywords placing.

3. Optimize your Meta Description:-

Meta Description is one of the first things a crawler and a user sees. The meta description gives an idea to a user that, whatever they have searched will be fulfilled by your article or not. And crawler will see that article is relevant or not.

You only have up to 158 words in a desktop and 120 words on mobile phones. Try to make it impressive and use your keywords in your meta description. Use words that force users to take action. In this way, your article will become on-page SEO optimized.

4. Placing keywords rightly will make it on-page optimized:-

Using Keywords properly is the most important on-page SEO techniques. Above I shared with you about placing your keywords in your title, meta description, and URL. You can also use your keywords in the image’s alt text and subheading. But don’t put your keywords inappropriately in every line or paragraph. Google will penalize you.

SEO keywords

Don’t try to put your keywords more than 2-3 times in 100 words, instead put its synonyms or use LSI keywords. Use your keywords naturally don’t try to manipulate with it.

5. Optimize your Image and Videos:-

Images and videos are a very important part of the content. You can increase your engagement through videos and images. But optimization of media is also an important on-page SEO technique.

Don’t just post images but put your keywords and alt text and file name. Upload high-quality images and compress them. It will help you to rank in the images section of the search engine. It will help the crawler to understand what is image all about and will chance of your ranking higher increase.

Videos can create higher engagement than images. Put the keyword in the title and video description. Upload higher quality thumbnails, and make videos relevant to the topic.

6. Do internal linking:-

Internal linking is also the main thing is on-page optimization. The meaning of internal links is to put your website’s link in your own content. The internal link can help you increase the time people spent on your website. You can transfer traffic from one page/post to another page/post.

But don’t do it to manipulate your users. Put the links of relevant content which really describe for what user have clicked for. Use relevant anchor text for internal linking. It will show the search engines that you are providing additional value to your customer and it will rank you high.

7. Also Do External Linking:-

External linking can help you to increase the credibility of your page. External linking means linking the page or post, which doesn’t come in your domain. Relevancy also plays a crucial role here. If you are not linking to relevant posts or pages it will affect SEO negatively.

In this on-page SEO technique tries to link with a high authority website. Your credibility will be affected positively. And even if you are linking to a low authority website, then enable no follow option. And make sure to enable the option of opening an external link in the new tab.

8. Use Subheading And Header Tag:-

This one on-page SEO technique that has been getting better day by day now. Writers now consider this as an important part of their content. But even today, we have seen some websites that don’t consider using subheading in their content. And as per your expectation, they don’t rank even after writing awesome content.

Using the subheading is an important part of on-page optimization. By using this you can make it easy for your visitors to read your content. And if they don’t have time, they can read in short what your content is about.

And this will also make easy for crawlers to understand that your content is important and relevant.

9. Write Quality, Longer, and relevant content:-

We all know how Quality and relevancy matter. Your engagement gets increases. if you write quality and relevant content. But the word counts your content also matters. It is an important on-page SEO technique. According to Semrush, Writing longer content means more than 1000 to 2000 words get you a higher ranking and more backlinks. Hence, the chances of getting into SERP increases.

For knowing how bigger your content should be, Search your keywords and see the content of your competitor who are in SERPs and writes bigger content than them. It will help your rank higher than them.

10. Adding Schema For On-Page optimization:-

If your site is well structured than google and other search engines can rank you higher. It is the result of the collab of search engines which are Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

If you provide your website schema to the search engine, it will help them to understand your content and rank you in the SERP. And you will get the maximum return of your work.

Other than the above on-page SEO techniques you can use the below techniques too.

there are several more on-page optimization technique which can help you to increase your ranking in search results. That are:- You can add a Table of Content, which will make it easy for visitors to know your content in short, your engagement will increase, hence your ranking will. Go for the right keywords whose difficulty is low. Optimizing it for voice search. Writing an impressive introduction.

And adding social media sharing button. Social media can help you in your SEO. Read how to use social media for business

These are some of the important on-page SEO techniques you can use to optimize your content and increase your ranking. No one wants to just write the content that doesn’t get clicks and engagement. These techniques are used by experts and recommended by them. So use this and increase the chance to rank higher. Remember, You are not going to get results on day 1 but will surely get one day. If you like the content share it.


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